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"Lingua Diversa Group is by far the best language school in London. I have been studying Spanish with their teachers over the last 3 years and continue to not only receive superior service, but more importantly, I can now speak fluent Spanish. You cannot find a better service in London at such competitive price."

David Pannepacker - Director, Deutsche Bank

"Our Italian teacher is wonderful - flexible, considerate and encouraging. I am very pleased with the service and will certainly continue improving my language skills with Lingua Diversa Group. Lessons are always planned to include the right balance of interaction and theory. Highly recommended."

Eleanor Etherington - Travel Consulant, ACFEA Tour Consultants

"The Spanish course has been excellent and I think my teacher is great. She is very good at making us pronounce the words correctly, explaining things and I feel the pace of the class itself is spot on. She actively tells us what we will cover the following week, so when I missed a class because of illness, I was able to continue at home and double check my understanding of it all at the next class."

Tracey Scott - IM Training Manager, London Underground TFL

"I find that the teacher is very alert to the needs of the students. She is always encouraging us to practise our Spanish and is a great motivator. The handouts she provides at the classes are very well prepared and always interesting. I have enjoyed this course as the mix of people are just right."

Myrtle Scannell - Bank of England

"Lingua Diversa Group is a thoroughly professional and reliable organisation. I have studied French with one of their tutors for the past two years and it has been an enjoyable experience. I have improved my spoken French as well as learning a lot about France."

Lucinda Glyn - St Vincents Family Support Centre

"I am very happy with my Brazilian-Portuguese course, we do a lot of communicative activities, that is what all students want during a language lesson. The course content is flexible and the group works very well together. I would definitely recommend it."

Cathrin Boerstinghaus

"Having just completed the Spanish beginners level course with Lingua Diversa I can thoroughly recommend their services. I have no natural aptitude for languages but am now able to communicate in restaurants, bars shops etc. The teaching is very relaxed and friendly and you progress quite quickly because of the small nature of the groups so the teacher can focus on areas you find difficult."

Kirsty Rogerson - Jones Day